NOTE: Standard network is BSC mainnet.
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- What?
This is a Decentralized Application (Dapp). You can own countries and leave a personalised message for the world to see! The leaderboard shows the wealthiest countries.

- What's in it for me?
Once you own a country you're now the leader of said country. Your personalised message will be displayed on that countries page. Each time a country is bought, it's price increases by 20%. If someone buys your country, you get your BNB back + an extra 10%.

- So now what?
Continue to the site. Explore it on the BSC main net or the BSC test net.

- Goal?
Have a blockchain powered world war between the wealthiest countries.

Disclaimer: for the best experience, use a computer!
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Country price (in BNB): $BNB
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Current network: Main net